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Men`s Osteoporosis Support Group

This site is dedicated to helping men learn more about osteoporosis, a disease commonly associated with postmenopausal women. There are, however, over five million American men at risk for this potentially crippling disease according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation. Links from this page should provide men with access to a tremendous amount of information about osteoporosis. If you are newly diagnosed with osteoporosis, or think you might have osteoporosis, see the information page that should answer many of your questions. If you would like to connect with others through the National Osteoporosis Foundation confidential Linking Up support group network, please leave a message for Betty at 800-223-9994 or send an email.

There are five years of discontinued Men’s Osteoporosis Support Group Newsletters archived at the Newsletter link. The newsletters were replaced with periodic updates with noteworthy information on osteoporosis at the Updates link. If you have a topic you want discussed, or information that will be helpful for others, please email me. Reader input is highly appreciated.

NOTICE: NIH is recruiting for a study if you have been taking a bisphosphonate.

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Updated October 23, 2011

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